Another Disney classic which has found it’s place on a list of racist movies is Dumbo which came out in the 1940s and contains the racial characteristic of it’s time period, because the 1940s was before the Civil Rights Movement, and although there was no slavery, blacks were still segregated and considered as lesser people at the time.

At the beginning of the movie, there is a scene where the circus is being set up. In this scene not only are the animals helping with the work, but also faceless black men are seen setting up. Their faces are completely featureless with no eyes, mouth, or nose. they are not given an individual identity.

Another issue is the use of stereotypes which are used to represent characters. In Disney we have previously seen the reinforcing stereotypes of Arabs in Aladdin. They also use slang words such as calling each other “brotha” and speaking in southern accents with mutilated grammar.

The leader’s name is Jim Crow *Isn’t this a coincidence?*, which was a law of segregation and discrimination of black people. Also the person who played the character was white and tried to do his “best black voice”. They sing the song “When I See an Elephant Fly.” This song is in jazz style completely with scatting and one of the crows playing the jazz trumpet on his beak. This style of music was generally popular at the time in black communities.


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