There is a lot of criticism towards Disney. This page is created to inform you about some of the Disneys racial representations along with very strong use of stereotypes.

Some of the Disney films have been placed on “most racist movies” lists.. Disney as kids and family company should never be entered into such an enviroment. Caution must be taken when exposing children to Disney text., however nowadays it’s hard to find a relaible media as the producers are capable to mediate almost anything, knowing that their audience will take it in without asking any questions.

Children are easily approachable and it is very easy to affect their thinking as this is the time when they discover the world and develope. They shouldn’t be judgmental therefore the use of stereotypes should be minimised, well it seems like Disney has a different opinion on that..

Here are some of the examples of the possible negative representations & stereotypes:




Mickey Mouse and the boy called Thursday


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