Beauty and the Beast, a beautiful tale about a curse put on the heartless price which has turned him into a monster. Bella the intelligent princess who spends her time reading books and taking care of her ill father seems to have different values from the other princesses. When her father gets trapped by the beast in the castle she offered to trade places in order to save her poor father, the princess seems very brave. After a while she falls in love with the beast and changes him into a kind and loving person, however..

Bella: “Appearances don’t matter; what counts is in your heart. Unless you’re the girl”

It seems like she is aware of how she will be reduced. She accepts the fact that the only thing that matters is her appearance, and it is only because she is a girl. Does this mean that woman’s only value is their beauty? Judge it yourself..










Here’s a parody of Bella – Quite informing;


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