Snow White:

This princess who has spend her time cleaning and cooking for the seven dwarfs who have totally taken advantage of her skills, she had to run away from the queen who possesses the magic mirror that tells anyone who the most beautiful person in the world is. Queens jealousy puts snow white in danger as the queen tries numerous tricks in order to get rid of competition. Snow White eats a moistness apple and “dies”, she gets saved by the prince who has traveled miles in order to find the love of his life.

Snow white: “At first it may seem terrible being so beautiful that other women get jealous enough to try and kill you. But don’t worry, once your beauty attracts a man, he’ll protect you.”

Snow white doesn’t seem to be scared about the fact that somebody is trying to  take her life, the most important thing is her beauty and this only value  will save her.








Here’s a parody of Snow White – Quite informing;


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